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Measure 97 Video and Still Photography

political campaign videographer

This fall we shot both video and stills for the Measure 97 campaign here in Oregon. And the fun part? It was all in Spanish, allowing me to put my second language to work as I directed on set, and as I photographed in Latino businesses around town.

Shooting in 4K video for the commercial captured gorgeous footage for the TV spot. And it also allowed us to grab beautiful, hi-res images for use in additional print ads at the same time.

Author Gregory Wolfe

author photography Portland

I photograph a lot of authors, speakers, scientists, and other professionals in my line of work, and really enjoy it. These fascinating people are always interesting to talk with as we photograph together. Recently, author, publisher, and educator Gregory Wolfe asked me to create a new image for his upcoming books and publicity. We spent an enjoyable, foggy morning together, photographing, talking, and eating breakfast together.

Interesting note: Gregory’s magazine, Image Journal, published a feature on me and my fine art work a few years back. The cover image was taken from a large series I created on adolescence, called Welcome to Wonderland, which you can see on my fine art site. It’s one of my favorite covers.

adolescent photographer portland

Doernbecher Children’s Hospital

Every time we get to photograph for Doernbecher Children’s Hospital, it’s special. Whether we’re working with their compassionate doctors, or telling the story of a child that’s battling cancer, or creating a new set of branding images in the studio, we always come away happy that we get to do such meaningful work.

We recently photographed for their branding update, creating images in the studio and at the hospital, showcasing their new vibrant, graphic look. (You can currently see one of our images on the home page of their site.)

Two days + dozens of children + several amazing doctors + a couple of superheroes = some pretty happy clients.

Teaching and Photographing in Italy

“Before the Fall” Abruzzo, Italy, 2016

Never one to turn down an opportunity for adventure–especially in Europe–I had the privilege of teaching again in Italy this spring. Two weeks in Abruzzo and Piemonte + 50 art students and staff + lots of time for teaching, mentoring, and shooting = one happy photographer.

The above picture was taken shortly before I fell through the floor of a 250 year old stone house. Ask me about it sometime. It was an unforgettable experience.

Cancer Survivors and the Gleevec Anniversary

healthcare advertising photography portland oregon

I have a dear friend who had cancer. I guess you could say she still does, but thanks to Gleevec, the world’s first targeted cancer therapy, she’s alive and well today.

So any time I get to tell the story of Gleevec, or of those it helps, it’s personal. That’s why I love this story about Katie, who was diagnosed with cancer when she was six. Fifteen years later, at 21, she’s a dancer, coach, and student.

Working with Gard Communications and the OHSU Foundation, we photographed Katie and a few others who started on Gleevec when it was developed 15 years ago. It was something of a moving experience, to work with people who are alive and thriving today, just like my friend, thanks to a treatment developed right here in Portland.

Photographing the Jefferson Dancers

dance poster photography portland

I love collaborating with dancers. Every year I get to work with the Jefferson Dancers on their poster image, and every year we try something new. For their 40th Anniversary season, we created an image that showcases both their creative energy, and their community focus.

This year I was able to attend their spring performance at the Newmark Theater. Not only was it an energetic creative rush, but at the end of one of their big numbers, they flew to the front of the stage and recreated my poster image (above). Blew my mind.

I can’t wait for next year.

I’m on Instagram

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Want to see more than I ever get around to putting up on the website? I regularly post fine art, travel, and commercial/editorial work, plus some behind-the-scenes images, on Instagram. Follow me at @fritzphoto1.

Monte Nido

lifestyle portrait photographer portland oregon

I recently worked with Monte Nido, one of the largest and most successful treatment centers for those suffering with eating disorders. What a fantastic group of people, so gracious and caring.

Working at their LA, New York, Boston, and Oregon locations, I created new images for their branding and website redesign. With my own history of working with those with eating disorders (see my book Skeleton in the Closet), it was a pleasure to help Monte Nido as they serve others.

Featured by National Geographic

Fritz Liedtke Photographer in National Geographic

It’s probably every young photographer’s dream to have their work featured in National Geographic. I seem to be one of the lucky ones, as Nat Geo published some of my work last week, along with a very nice interview/article.

My favorite part? The comments on their blog about the work. This one from Abigail pretty much sums them all up:

I’ve always been shy because of my freckles – I have them all over my face, arms, shoulders and back. When I was young they were much darker and obvious, I’ve been teased and bullied so many times. Thank you for making me feel less self-conscious about them!

See and read more for yourself on National Geographic’s Proof.