This’ll get your heart going: OHSU, LifeFlight, and ECMO

Healthcare video OHSU Life Flight

Did you know there’s a portable machine that can perform the function of both your heart and your lungs, and that it’s about the size of a breadbox?  And that it costs about as much as a Mercedez?  And that very few hospitals have them?

Let’s say you have life-threatening heart and lung problems, and you’re at a small hospital in Alaska.  And you’re not going to make it.  What do you do?

Well, you hope your doctor has watched our video.  In it, he’ll discover that an OHSU doctor and nurse will fly to Alaska on LifeFlight, hook you up to their ECMO machine, and fly you back to OHSU in Portland, where they’ll give you the treatment that you need.  It’s that simple.

I love telling stories like this.  Being able to help save lives, and work with incredible people, to create a video and stills is super rewarding.  Especially when it involves working in an airplane.

Watch the video here:

Photo of hospital patient on ECMOPhoto of patient with LifeFlight crewPhotograph of patient in LifeFlight airplanePhoto of recovering patient in hospital