Portland Maker Harlan Whitman

Portland Makers Photographer

I get to meet some very interesting, very talented people as a photographer/videographer.  While photographing for the Portland Makers series at ADX Portland, I met metalsmith Harlan Whitman, grinding away in his booth.

Actually, he’s more than a metalsmith.  His main work is as a fabricator for Universal Studios in LA.

Harlan has a degree in Industrial Design, and you can find him making custom knives at ADX, fabricating sets for Universal Studios in LA, or racing his custom-built SinCycle gravity bikes around the US.  (He’s broken several downhill speed records with his innovative cycles.)  Harlan continues to fabricate weaponry, bicycles, and puppetry, and is enthusiastic about tackling any design project his creative clients can dream up.

Portland Makers photos

Check out his beautiful knives, slingshots, and other beautiful items on his website Ooake Forge, and see for yourself!

Portraits of Portland makers